Orders & Payments

How to Order

How to Order

Have you seena pair of Vaya that you love, but you don't know how to order?

We've got you. Here's how to order your Vaya:

- At our online store. Simply head to our website, click on the Vaya that you want and click "Add to Cart" or Buy Now. We'll need some of your details to get your Vaya delivered to you, but follow the prompts to pay for your Vaya, and you're done. Browse Vaya Sneakers

- At our shop. The Vaya shop is based in Newtown Junction in Jozi and our staff there are friendly and fun. Get Directions.

- On WhatsApp/Email/Phone. Yebo! We can help you on WhatsApp, over Email or even over the phone. Our customer service team is ready to help you get your order placed during office hours. Click here for details.

How Can I Pay?

We like to spread that hustle love. Which is why, we accept all types of payment methods.


For all online orders, we accept VISA, MasterCard & Amex Credit or Cheque Cards, as well as PayJustNow and Even EFT.


Of course we accept Cash, but we also work with Yoco to accept VISA & Mastercard Credit, Cheque and Debit Cards.

PayJustNow will soon be rolled out in-store too! Watch this space.

We got you!

Still have questions?

Reach out to us and we'll help you get your Vaya easily and quickly.

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